Earn to Die 2016

Earn to die 2 is a game made for cell phones. It was distributed in May last year and it has huge number of downloads so far. Toffee Games are creators and Not Doppler are distributors. They made a joint effort to surprise every Earn to die fan out there. If you liked first part, you will love sequels too. You can buy it or play it for free. In this second part, try to beat your enemies while crushing them with your vehicle. You will require only full tank of fuel, powerful engine, clean mind and lots of courage.

earn to die 3
earn to die 2016

Temple Run 3

Temple run 3 is a sequel of famous Temple run game made by Imangi Studios. Game is endless and you only have to run, run and do some more running. Game was created by wife and husband, Natalia Luckyanova and Keith Shepherd, and it was released in 2013. It was downloaded, along with first part, more than one billion times since then. This is pretty impressive fact which means they did great job.
Temple run 3